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Buttocks massage


Every girl dreams of having beautiful, toned buttocks. To do this, it is not necessary to exhaust yourself with training and diets. Our salon offers a massage procedure for the buttocks with hands to create a perfect body. This pleasure is quite popular among our clients, as the manual technique smoothes the skin well, improves blood circulation and can get rid of cellulite.

Benefits of buttocks massage

The gluteal muscle group is one of the most important in the human body. It supports our body and its health. Therefore, gluteal muscle massage is widespread and popular in beauty salons. Let’s note the main advantages of this procedure.

  • Renewal and improvement of blood circulation in problem areas. Improving the work of blood circulation allows you to maintain a healthy appearance of the body and improves the condition of the skin. It becomes soft, smooth and firm.
  • Reducing excess fluid and combating swelling. During the massage, the liquid is removed from the body, the swelling decreases and becomes invisible.
  • Removing toxins from the body and filling skin cells with oxygen. In addition, special oils and creams are used to massage the buttocks. Such funds improve the regeneration of skin cells and allow you to get rid of keratinized particles of the epidermis.
  • Improving lymph circulation. The lymphatic system is as important as the circulatory system. During the massage, the lymph starts to move faster and nourishes the cells much better.
  • Improving the quality of the skin. The applied cosmetics improve the condition of the human skin. It is put on softer, more elastic and younger.
  • Slowing down the aging process. Buttock massage provokes rapid circulation of blood and lymph, as a result of which the cells are better saturated with oxygen and regenerate faster. This helps to rejuvenate the epidermis and slow down the natural aging process.
  • Muscle recovery. With hard training or constant tension, your muscles need recovery. Otherwise, they will become “hammered” and tight. Massaging the buttocks benefits helps to shorten the natural recovery time of the muscles.
  • Reducing stress and pain. A massage can relieve sore muscles and other problems in the body. Very often, pain in the legs or back is associated with the buttocks.

Disadvantages and contraindications

Any type of massage, not looking at all the benefits, has its own characteristics and contraindications. Buttock is no exception. To prevent the procedure from causing harm, before carrying out it, you should pay attention to your state of health.Contraindications for massage of the buttocks can be:

  • Oncological diseases
  • AIDS
  • Pregnancy at any time
  • Bowel and digestive problems
  • Diseases of the pelvic organs and coccyx
  • Feeling unwell and inflammation
  • Problems with the venous system. This includes diseases such as varicose veins, thrombosis, aneurysm
  • Menstruation or bleeding
  • Skin and infectious diseases
  • Fever or blood pressure problems

All these contraindications are important when deciding whether to massage the buttocks. Therefore, before visiting a masseur, pay attention to your health condition and the presence of the listed diseases.

If you decide on a gluteal massage, our specialists will carry out the procedure at a high level. Massage therapists with specialized education and work experience will help to relax the body, relieve stress and give lightness already in the first session.