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How to do a back massage?


Back massage belongs to the category of classical procedures. It can help relieve muscle tension, improve muscle tone and even get rid of health problems. In addition, after a back massage, the patient feels more energetic and receives a charge of energy for several days ahead.

But in order to achieve all the positive effects of this procedure, you must be sure that the massage is performed correctly. And now we will tell you how to do a back massage.

Basic rules

Back massage will be effective only if it is performed by a qualified masseur. This is important because ignorance of the technique can harm the patient, so the master must know exactly how to do a back massage.

For an effective massage, it is enough to follow five basic principles:

Massaging the back should start from the bottom and gradually move up to the shoulders, with the exception of people with high blood pressure. In this case, the master works from the neck down.
To work the lower back, use the outer side of the palm, and for the upper part – the inside.
Rubbing movements should be performed along the muscle fibers.
During the back massage, the spine area is not treated.
The initial and final movement of such a massage is a smooth stroking.

What is the duration of a back massage?

Basically, each session lasts from 30 to 45 minutes. The first procedure is recommended to do a general body massage and after that the masseur determines the duration of the session depending on your goals or problems.

Indications and contraindications for back massage

Before visiting a massage parlor, you must clearly understand why you need this procedure. Therefore, be sure to consult a professional before recording.

Now let’s look at the main indications for back massage.

Back pain. The most common problem that people come to a massage parlor with. Most often, painful sensations are associated with muscle strain, so massage treatments will be a great solution.
Scoliosis. Curvature of the spine is very common in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and they will be especially useful to attend a course of back massage. It will relieve tension and ease your condition when the spine is curved.
Osteochondrosis. Diseases affecting the spinal discs. The person experiences severe back pain, which only intensifies at night. In this situation, patients are usually given an individual course of massage, which further relieves tension and relaxes muscles.
The main contraindications to back massage are:

Bone damage;
Acute infectious diseases;
Blood clotting problems;
Chronic osteomyelitis.

Where is the best back massage?

Of course, the most convenient option would be to visit a massage parlor. There you will work with qualified masters who know exactly how to do a massage in Kiev in Pechersk. They will relieve you of pain and prescribe a course according to your problems or goals.