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How to remove the “ears” on the thighs


“Ears” are called protrusions on the outside of the thigh, which are flush with the buttocks. They look quite unattractive and mostly only spoil the female silhouette, creating discomfort when wearing tight-fitting outfits or, for example, on the beach, when these areas are exposed.

Female physiology is slightly different from male. The fact is that when the body stores subcutaneous fat in case of hunger, it (fat) is most often deposited in the thighs. There are small protrusions, which are called “ears”.

How to get rid of “ears” on the thighs?

In order to eliminate this problem and look attractive again, it is necessary to perform a whole complex, which includes proper nutrition, exercise and massage procedures. We will touch on massage as the most effective method of combating “ears” on the thighs.

Massage against the “ears” on the thighs

Massage will help to quickly and effectively remove excess fat from the thighs. The most effective are vacuum massage and manual massage by rubbing technique. For the latter, a special mixture prepared from essential and olive oils is used.

Honey massage

Honey massage is considered the most effective in the fight against excess fat or cellulite. Thanks to a complex of short sessions (no more than 20 minutes) you will instantly feel changes in the body, and the extra volume will go before your eyes.

Massage is performed using natural honey. The masseur applies a small portion to the patient’s body and begins to gradually rub it into the body, alternating rubbing with patting. The procedure takes no more than twenty minutes. At the end of the session, the patient takes a warm shower to wash away the honey and harmful toxins that are excreted from the body during the procedure.


The result of the procedures will be noticeable after the first sessions. It is only important to follow the dietary recommendations and visit the massage parlor regularly. When working with a professional masseur, an individual set of procedures will be made for you, following which you will be able to eliminate the “ears” on the thighs in the shortest possible time and reduce the volume of the thighs in general. Once the complex is complete and you achieve the desired result, try to regularly visit a massage parlor to monitor your appearance and prevent the reappearance of “ears” on the thighs.

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