Antistress package: body massage + head and feet massage

This is a special type of massage, one of the most popular and demanded,
 it is shown to almost everyone. Body massage alone is not enough to relieve 
stress and maximize relaxation. The head of a modern person is overloaded with 
a sea of ​​thoughts, worries and worries.
105 minDuration 1260 UAHPrice

Features of Antistress massage

The ritual includes several stages: massage of the whole body, head and feet. Working with
 the body, the master removes the clamps and blocks that remain in the body after stressful
 situations. The body remembers everything!
Having relaxed the head, we put our thoughts in order, experiences go away, calm comes.
The feet are a reflexogenic zone, biologically active points are displayed on them as 
toggle switches, and by acting on them we change the state of the whole organism.
After the session, the guest experiences incredible bliss and harmony.

What is the beneficial effect of Antistress massage?

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The massage is indicated for:
• Stressful conditions
• Nervous strain
• Emotional and physical fatigue
• Insomnia
• Depression
• Chronic fatigue
• Frequent colds
• Increased muscle tension

First of all, anti-stress massage helps to relieve stress in the body and psyche of a 
person, as well as to restore a state of calmness and a joyful perception of life. ... 
The main positive effects on the human body:

increased energy balance;
relieving stress;
release from decay products;
saturation of the body with oxygen;
strengthening immunity;
improving skin condition.
Anti-stress massage in Kiev helps to restore not only the physical condition of a person, 
but also to ensure mental harmony.

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