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The autumn period is a time for careful self-care


Autumn is considered the best time to take care of your skin. Dermatologists assure that in cold weather it is the best time to start manipulating the skin at home or in the salon. Indeed, it is in the fall that the skin condition deteriorates significantly: it becomes too dry, numerous rashes appear due to a decrease in temperature and dry air in offices and at home. For these reasons, it is important to change your grooming routine, add new products and visit beauticians who will help you choose the right face and body care in the fall.

The five essential elements of self-care

For complete body and face care, it is worth relying on five main factors that will help protect the skin from external negative influences. Let’s talk about each of them.
Autumn is not the best time for the sebaceous glands to work, so experts recommend using mild cleansing creams for washing those who suffer from excessive dryness. If you have normal skin, it is best to purchase a product with an oil base that will prevent your skin from drying out.

After cleansing, the facial skin is toned. Toner is your best helper for complete cleansing of the skin from cosmetics and daytime dirt. Use alcohol-free products to avoid drying out your skin. It is best to use a normal skin toner that tones and moisturizes.

In order for the skin to regenerate and nourish with nutrients, pay attention to nourishing creams that both moisturize and create a barrier that prevents moisture from leaving. You can also pay attention to face serums, which penetrate deeply into the body and moisturize better.

You can nourish the skin with beneficial substances with the help of moisturizing fabric masks that restore water balance and perfectly moisturize the face. Look for those that contain hyaluronic acid. With its help the deep layers of the skin are better hydrated.

Body skin care in the fall involves the use of an exfoliation that will effectively remove dead cells and will not injure the skin like a rough scrub that helps in summer. Only a professional cosmetologist can choose the right acid peeling, it is better to trust him than ruin your face.

Autumn care with “Lakshmi Spa” is the best choice for every woman

The spa salon in Kiev will gladly provide you with the right care during the cold season. Lakshmi Spa specialists will tell you in detail all the subtleties of proper care in the fall and why to care for your skin during this period.

Each of our procedures leaves behind joyful women who forget about dryness and tightness of the skin in autumn. And affordable prices will suit absolutely everyone who wants to be beautiful at any time of the year.