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The main indications and contraindications to massage


Massage is a very effective and efficient procedure, which everyone is happy to visit. After a massage session, the body immediately relaxes, there is a feeling of lightness and comfort. Naturally, each type of massage has its own additional functions, but the overall effect of the procedure always remains the same.

However, any massage requires special indications and contraindications. Therefore, everyone who wants to visit massage parlors should remember these criteria so as not to harm their body.

How to find out the exact indications and contraindications for massage?

Most often, masters in massage parlors recommend that visitors consult a specialist before attending the session. Of course, you can find a lot of information on this topic on the Internet now, but remember – not all resources provide verified information. If you are not sure that the contraindications to massage are valid, do not take risks – check with your doctor.

Some massage parlors provide complete information on what recommendations are provided for a particular procedure.

The main indications and contraindications for massage

Of course, it all depends on the type of massage and areas of the body that it affects. However, some items in this column remain the same no matter which procedure you choose. Here are some key contraindications to massage:

blood diseases;
inflammation of the bone marrow;
vascular thrombosis;
active form of tuberculosis;

Temporary contraindications

These criteria should be considered only during a certain period (eg, pregnancy). Once you get permission from a doctor to visit a massage parlor, you can safely make an appointment for the next session.

Temporary contraindications include:

Pus on any part of the body;
Hepatic or renal failure;
Skin damage (burns, wounds, bruises);
The presence of stones in the gallbladder.

Indications for massage

In addition to the prohibitions, there are also certain recommendations for massage. You should know about them in cases if you are undergoing treatment or want to eliminate the disease with massage. The most important indications are:

headache, back or lower back pain;
sprains or muscle injuries;
Be that as it may, each person’s body is unique and will respond differently to Pechersk massage. Therefore, in any case, you should consult a specialist before visiting a massage parlor.