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Turkish hammam. A bath that is unlike any other


What comes to a person’s mind when he hears the word “bath”? Of course, everyone immediately thinks of Russian baths, which are in great demand among most customers. But tourists who visit resorts in Turkey never refuse to visit the Turkish hammam.

What is the peculiarity of the Turkish bath?

The main thing that distinguishes the Turkish hammam from such procedures – the temperature. At almost 100% humidity, the temperature does not rise above fifty-five degrees. This allows people who do not tolerate high temperatures to visit the Turkish bath without harm to health. It is also worth noting that all Turkish baths are made of stone, not wood due to high humidity.

A little history

The hammam was created in the seventeenth century as an analogue of the Arab baths, which in turn were analogous to the Roman baths. Designers of Turkish baths have improved the technology and made the room spacious and comfortable to visit.

Simple but practical design

Thanks to the domed ceiling, the moisture that accumulates inside the room flows down the walls instead of dripping on the client’s head. The room is heated by built-in thermal elements in the floor and walls. This allows you to achieve the optimal temperature and maintain it throughout the procedure. From the very beginning of its existence, Turkish baths were built as real works of art. Even now, going to any hammam, you will be amazed at how beautiful a Turkish bath can be.

How is the hammam arranged?

The Turkish hammam consists of three rooms. The first – “Jamekyan”, or locker room. There, the person takes off all his clothes and goes on in a bandage on his thighs. The second room is called “pestemal”. There is a washing of the body. This is done with a copper bowl, from which the visitor is watered with water and olive soap, washing away all dirt and dust.

The third room is called “hararet”, or steam room. That’s where the whole process takes place. As mentioned earlier, the room is heated to the optimum temperature (55 degrees), which allows the visitor to stay inside long enough. The Turkish bath will not leave indifferent any client who has managed to visit this unusual place at least once. It has its own special atmosphere, here you can completely relax and give your body a rest. If you have not yet visited the Turkish hammam in Pechersk, then you really need to do it.