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Why do we need functional vitamins?


Modern life imposes a feverish pace, the pursuit of efficiency, but does not always allow you to follow the rules of a varied, balanced diet and regular physical activity to maintain your health and fitness. And just Vitamins help us achieve this goal.

According to surveys, 60% of Europeans complain of fatigue. Every day, about half a million people seek medical attention for this reason. Maybe before you go to the doctors, you should think about taking functional vitamins! And Vitamins 22 INELDEA laboratory will help you improve your condition.

Why you should pay attention to them:

The organic status of the product is confirmed by the relevant certificate and permit of the Ministry of Health of the European Union.
Contains not only trace elements and plant extracts, but also a unique combination of two billion lactoenzymes that provide stability even at room temperature.
INELDEA laboratory has developed two special formulas of functional vitamins to increase the vitality of the female and male body. They contain 8 vitamins, 6 minerals, plant extracts, and essential amino acids.
Packed in vegetarian capsules.
Lightning course 7 days – and you’re in shape.