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Bruises after anti-cellulite massage? Not a problem!


Anti-cellulite massage is the most effective way to combat the hated “orange peel”. Due to the mechanical effect on the fatty layer, tissues begin to warm up, blood flow and lymph circulation are accelerated, and fat cells begin to break down. This type of massage allows you to extract excess water and toxins from the body.

In beauty salons, for anti-cellulite massage, special cosmetic products are used to speed up the process of combating the “crust”. But, despite all the advantages of this procedure, there is one significant drawback – the formation of bruises after anti-cellulite massage.

Why do bruises form after the massage?

Bruising from anti-cellulite massage is an unpleasant and sometimes painful side effect of the procedure. Clients often remain concerned about this problem, although the craftsmen explain that the process of abrasion is quite natural. Let’s consider some of the reasons why hematomas can form after anti-cellulite massage.

  • Aggressive execution technique. If during the procedure the masseur makes movements with his fists and elbows, then bruises will definitely remain. Therefore, it is better to ask before the session what movements the master is going to massage.
  • Use of accessories. Very often vacuum cups are used for massage. They give positive results, but they cause bruising. Therefore, manual anti-cellulite massage technique is better. So the effect will be achieved longer, but without hematomas.
  • Low skill level of the massage therapist. Despite the fact that anti-cellulite massage requires the use of force, the master must know its permissible rate, focusing on the client’s body.
  • Therefore, if after visiting the salon, you still have bruises, it is better to contact other masseurs.
  • High sensitivity of the skin. This is one of the most common causes of bruising after vacuum anti-cellulite massage. Blue discoloration is immediately formed on sensitive and thin skin.
  • Therefore, owners of this type of skin need to be prepared for bruising after the procedure.
  • Anti-cellulite massage for bruises is normal after the first session. At first, the masseur only gets to know the client’s body. Therefore, blue discoloration and pain may occur.

How to get rid of bruises after a massage?

All the girls want to quickly get rid of the traces of the procedure carried out the day before, especially if it is summer time in the yard and you want to wear something open. Cold compresses, which must be applied to the bruises, will be effective remedies in the fight against bruises. In addition, you need to find a good master who will select the most comfortable technique for performing anti-cellulite massage without bruises.

With our team of professionals, you can be confident in the quality of the services provided. We choose an individual approach to each client. Therefore, bruising after anti-cellulite massage will not be your problem. In addition, we can advise you on any question of interest regarding the techniques of the procedures, the work experience of the masters and the conditions for the massage.

If you still have traces after the anti-cellulite massage, you can contact the massage therapist who will tell you how to get rid of them and take further measures regarding the next sessions.