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Bruises after anti-cellulite massage? Not a problem!


Almost always after attending an anti-cellulite massage session, clients still have bruises on their bodies. It is very unpleasant, and sometimes even painful. Masseurs always reassure clients with the phrase that this is a natural process, and everything will pass soon. But people continue to ask questions on this topic, and we believe that they should not be ignored. Here we will consider the causes of bruising after massage and talk about how you can get rid of them.

Why do bruises appear after anti-cellulite massage?

First of all, you should analyze the causes of bruising on the skin. Mainly bruises after anti-cellulite massage can appear due to the following factors:

Aggressive technique. If in the arsenal of the masseur there are movements of fists and elbows, then hematomas and bruises you can not avoid. To prevent bruising on the body, we recommend that you ask before the session, what movements will be used by the master.
Use of additional devices. Of course, accessories such as jars can have a positive effect, but after them there will definitely be bruises on the body. If you have already chosen this method of massage, you should be prepared for such consequences.
Insufficient qualification of a masseur. Even though the use of force is allowed during anti-cellulite massage, the masseur must know the measure and properly distribute the load on the patient’s body. If after visiting a massage parlor there are large hematomas left on your body, you should definitely not return to such a salon.
Sensitive skin. Quite a common problem among visitors to massage parlors. However, they should be prepared for the appearance of bruising on the skin.
The effect of the first session. During the first massage, the master only gets acquainted with the features of the client’s body, so be prepared for the fact that the introductory session can be painful.

How to avoid bruising after anti-cellulite massage?

Of course, the easiest way is to find a good and experienced masseur. With it, you will know for sure that no serious injuries and bruises will appear on the body, and you can safely pierce the anti-cellulite massage in Pechersk.

But what if the massage is over and the bruises still appear?

Cold compresses that should be applied to damaged areas of the skin will work effectively. Heparin ointment is also good – you just need to rub it into the place of the bruise on the skin.