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He who steams does not grow old!


The hammam has stood the test of time and brought to us from the depths of the centuries its magical properties. More galleys and Avicenna healed people using hydrotherapy and hammams. “The bath heals, the bath rules, the bath puts on its feet” – said our ancestors.

In the modern world, there are two types of hammam: Turkish and Moroccan. These are two different procedures for filling and affecting the skin.

Turkish hammam has a higher temperature and consists of: warming up, peeling with a special glove Cassie (cotton with goat and camel wool), soap massage, shampooing and moisturizing. All actions take place in a steam room on a heated marble stone. The Turks call such couches “Gebek-Tash” – a stone for the abdomen. “Let Gebek always be hot”! – one of the most common Turkish sayings.

The philosophy of the Moroccan hammam is to treat the guest like a child. The temperature is lower than in Turkish – only 38-40 * C. Hammam session includes a soft gommage Beldi (black soap), warming on a warm marble gebeke, body peeling Moroccan Cassie, glazing Gasul (clay of volcanic origin, which has the highest absorption coefficient.) Clay is carefully and delicately applied to the whole body, face and hair. In Morocco, wealthy people take gassul baths for the greatest effect.

Gassul has incredible properties: cleanses and saturates the skin, perfectly nourishes it with trace elements and minerals. These properties of clay have long been used by Berbers. Gassul is often saturated with seven herbs for relaxation or algae to correct the figure. Moroccan spa hammams also use white clay with a rose for relaxation and mint for tone.

The end of the procedure is moisturizing the body with milk in Argan oil or relaxing massage of the whole body in the office – complete immersion in bliss.

What effect does a professional hammam have in Kyiv:

pores open, the skin is cleansed, begins to breathe and rejuvenate;
the vessels become elastic, flexible, and the heart beats like a “flame motor”;
the back is straightened;
the body removes toxins and excess weight disappears.
Hammam is not just an opportunity to lie down and wash away dirt, but also an effective way to relieve the burden of worries, cleanse the soul and body.

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