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How to massage the shoulders and neck properly


In today’s world, a huge number of people spend almost all day at the computer, which causes regular tension in the muscles of the neck and neck area, which then leads to health problems.

To avoid unpleasant sensations it is necessary to undergo regular massage procedures. Shoulder and neck massage will help relieve your body from fatigue, irritability, relieve pain and dizziness.

Properly performed procedure helps to normalize all vital functions of the body. Cervical massage is indicated for people with hypertension, sleep disorders, migraines and, of course, for prevention to relax and improve well-being.

What should be the massage of the neck and shoulders. General recommendations:

start the massage by stroking the neck with one or two hands;
palms should be tightly pressed and move in the direction from top to bottom to the shoulder joints;
then the neck can be massaged with the edge of the palm or thumb;
from the nape of the neck to the shoulder in light circular motions, lightly pressing the pads of the fingers, gently knead the neck and neck area;
feel with your hand the cervical vertebra, which protrudes more than others and rub well.

What you need for a massage:

To get the most pleasure from a relaxing massage, we recommend using massage oils, to which you can add a few drops of essential oils – it will turn a regular massage into an aromatherapy session.

To get a feeling of true relaxation, you can light candles or use an aroma lamp. Quiet and pleasant music will also add a relaxing note. It is good to go to the shower before the massage, it will help warm up all the tissues and give you an incredible feeling from the procedure.

An interesting fact

One hour of professionally performed massage affects the human body as 7-8 hours of strong and healthy sleep.

If your work is concentrated in the office in front of the computer, you just need a regular massage of the shoulders and neck. Performing this procedure you will soon notice how your productivity has improved, you will become more alert and less exposed to stress.

Massage of the neck and neck area will fill your body with oxygen and significantly improve blood circulation, which helps reduce spasms, relieve headaches, balance metabolism, and strengthen the immune system.

If you often feel tired, exhausted or just want to get an unforgettable relaxation, we invite you to our spa “Lakshmi spa”.

After the first session of neck and shoulder massage, you will immediately feel much better, and if you go through the whole course, it will help to consolidate the result for a long time.

This procedure will help increase your vitality, improve your mood and give an incredible charge of energy and strength!