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Is it possible to do massage and spa treatments for pregnant women


Pregnancy is the most beautiful condition a woman can be in. Agree that it can be more enjoyable than realizing that a small life is growing inside you. But along with the joy of future motherhood, pregnancy is not an easy time for a woman, because to ensure the favorable development of the fetus, almost all organs experience functional changes, which is not a small burden on the body.

Expectant mothers often experience low back pain, heaviness in the legs, and cases of swelling of the body are not uncommon, so it is extremely important to take care of your health during pregnancy. A great way to relax your body is a massage.

Massage can relieve pain in the lower back, neck, thighs, as well as relieve swelling and improve overall health. Properly performed massage has a positive effect on the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of mother and child.

Features of massage during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you can massage only with your hands, without the use of electrical appliances, it will provide a woman with complete psychological relaxation and pleasure from the gentle touch of warm hands of the masseur.

Being under the heart of a woman, the child feels the same as the mother, so the massage technique should be very gentle. These can be gentle touches, stroking, rubbing, which are performed slowly and without sharp movements.

Important: the massage session should last no longer than 30-40 minutes!

This massage should be performed by a professional who is thoroughly familiar with the features of this technique.

In the salon “Lakshmi spa” only highly qualified masters work, who will be happy to help you relax, relieve stress, improve your health and give you an unforgettable relaxation.

Indications for massage

During pregnancy, the hormone progesterone is actively produced, so the body of a pregnant woman often has fluid retention – edema. Also, due to the weight gained by mom and baby significantly increases the load on the musculoskeletal system – which causes considerable discomfort for women. But do not despair, because regular massages will help you cope with all the above problems and you will be able to enjoy your beautiful condition.

When you can massage pregnant women

Each trimester of pregnancy has its own characteristics. In the first trimester, a pregnant woman’s body is extremely vulnerable, so during this period it is better to abandon any type of massage. And starting from 11-12 weeks, massage is not only possible – it is also very useful for a woman’s body.

Massage in the third trimester also has a great effect on a woman’s body. This procedure will have a positive effect not only on the general physical and psychological condition, but also help the body prepare for childbirth.


The purpose of massage is to alleviate and improve the condition of the pregnant woman and in no way harm! Therefore, if you have at least one of the contraindications, it is better to abandon the procedure.

Massage for pregnant women is prohibited:
in the first trimester of pregnancy;
if there is a risk of abortion;
with severe toxicosis;
with fever or colds;
in the presence of malignant and benign tumors;
women with high blood pressure;
if the procedure causes pain or discomfort.
In other cases, massage is a great opportunity to improve the health of a pregnant woman. This procedure will create a pleasant emotional background, calm and relax the expectant mother. Massage during pregnancy will relieve fatigue, fill with positive, give a good mood and a feeling of lightness and “flight”.

During such procedures in the spa-salon “Lakshmi spa” natural essential oils are used, which turns the massage into a real session of relaxation and aromatherapy.

What spa treatments are recommended during pregnancy

Every woman has a desire to always look perfect. Spa treatments during pregnancy are a great opportunity to be attractive and charming, as well as to avoid the standard problems that arise during pregnancy.

The most recommended spa treatments during pregnancy are:

Spa masks for the face with the use of natural remedies;
hand and foot skin care;
cold foot wraps;
foot massage;
prenatal massage;
Regular spa treatments will help you avoid the stresses that arise due to the active restructuring of the body. They will give you a good mood, as well as provide wonderful and positive emotions that will positively affect your body and your baby’s body!

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