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Peeling during pregnancy: can you do it?


One of the most favorite facials for women is face and body peeling. This helps them feel their body “refreshed” and look healthy. But is it worth doing peels during pregnancy? Cosmetologists do not recommend doing this procedure, at least not with the usual, more aggressive method.

You do not need to completely abandon cleansing your skin; you should choose more gentle types where natural cosmetics with soft abrasive particles are used. In addition, you can try ultrasonic cleaning of the pores of the face.

Acid peeling: pros and cons

Acid peeling during pregnancy is possible, but only if the acids are safe. Acid penetrates into the middle or deep layers of the epithelium, thereby helping the skin to renew itself. However, for the safety of the child, you should choose safe acids, completely abandoning deep chemical peels.
Safe acids for pregnant women are:

  • lactic acid, which is naturally present in the body of the expectant mother;
  • glycolic acid – this peeling uses citrus, grape, malic acids and also has a positive effect on the body;
  • alpha hydroxy acids are present in almond peeling, they very gently renew the top layer of the skin.

Mechanical peeling as a preparatory stage before the acid procedure

Cosmetologists recommend this cleansing method as a preparatory stage before fruit, milk or almond peeling. And as a separate procedure.
Mechanical peeling during pregnancy can be done with natural sea sponges, viscose or loofah washcloths, as well as soft brushes with silicone or agave fibers. This will make the procedure softer and more gentle.

The safest procedure is ultrasonic peeling

Peeling and cleansing the face during pregnancy using the hardware method very gently affects the skin, cleansing the pores and removing dead cells of the epithelium, while not penetrating deeper than the upper layers. This type of care has a number of advantages:

  1. It is completely safe for the expectant mother, everything happens quickly and painlessly.
  2. The integrity of the skin is not violated, after the procedure there will be no burns or redness on the face.
  3. Like safe acid peels, ultrasonic cleaning can be done without much preparation.
  4. After hardware cleaning, you can be exposed to sunlight.

Despite the positive qualities, some women are prohibited from this method. Why shouldn’t peeling be done during pregnancy if it has a lot of benefits? It’s all about problems such as rosacea and exacerbation of acne. If a woman suffers from this, then ultrasonic peeling is contraindicated for her, so as not to harm herself even more.

Where is the best place for pregnant women to contact for a safe exfoliation?

Pregnancy is a time when a special approach is needed so as not to harm the health of the woman and the child. To do this, you should contact beauty salons, where professionals in their field work, who understand that peels and pregnancy can coexist without harm. Such beauticians work in our salon.

Our prices are suitable for everyone who wants to take care of themselves in such a special period of their life. And cosmetologists will effectively and efficiently help you, after which you will want to return again.