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Scrub or peeling: which is better to choose?


Every girl dreams of having her face clean and free of imperfections in the form of acne, blackheads and other unwanted pigmentation. Two procedures that are aimed at removing dead cells and cleansing the skin – scrubbing and peeling – help perfectly in this. Regularly taking care of your skin with the help of these procedures, you can notice positive changes in a short time.
Often these procedures are confused with each other and many girls do not know how peeling differs from a scrub, considering that both concepts are synonymous. And it’s true, they have similar actions – thorough cleansing of the skin. But the difference between both procedures is in their composition.

Characteristics of the scrub and its effect on the skin

Scrubs are called a gel or cream, to which abrasive particles of natural or synthetic origin are added. Very popular scrubs with the addition of grape seed, apricot, raspberry or ground coffee beans. You can find sugar, sea salt and even soda in the composition. With their help, dead skin particles are better exfoliated, the surface of the face or body is smoothed and the tone is evened out.

The difference between peeling and scrub

Peeling differs from a scrub in its liquid consistency, which does not have abrasive particles. It looks like a gel or solution, which contains different types of acids: fruit, salicylic or lactic acid.
Professional face peeling should be used only in salons, under the supervision of a beautician. In this case, facial exfoliation will have more benefit in the form of a better effect. After all, salon peeling cleanses the skin more deeply. Therefore, several principles of action on the epidermis are shared:

  • surface;
  • average;
  • deep.

The effect of each principle differs in outcome and recovery time. Therefore, it is best to use products with a surface effect at home. While the specialists in the salons carry out medium and deep peels.

Can both procedures be combined?

Can be combined if you are using a gentle peeling for your daily home care. In this case, scrubbing can be performed every week. In addition, you can purchase special cosmetic products for skin cleansing, which combine the acidic effects of peeling and mechanical scrubbing.
If you visit a salon where you are given a peeling course, which contains high acids, then it is best to refuse the combination of peeling and scrub so as not to irritate the skin.

Where is the best place to take care of your face and body?

Facial peeling and skin cleansing all over the body is something that will bring pleasure to every woman. Our spa in Kiev offers its visitors the best body treatments to help them feel great after a hard day at work. And professional specialists will do their best to make the effect lasting and, as they say, “on the face”.