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Should I do a massage with a spinal hernia?


A huge number of people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and suffer from hypodynamics find a spinal hernia after twenty years. And of course in such a situation you can ask a logical and obvious question – and whether it is possible to get rid of this problem with massage? There is no single answer to this question, so now we will try to clarify the situation and say exactly whether to do a massage for spinal hernia.

Treatment of intervertebral hernia

Let’s just say that people who suffer from problems with the spine, visit massage parlors for special courses – they do the so-called manual massage, during which all parts of the spine are treated.

But this method of treatment is possible only if a person does not have acute manifestations of the disease. If they are observed, it is mandatory to undergo preliminary treatment and consult a specialist, who will prescribe a massage course.

But if you do not need to undergo an additional examination, you can immediately start visiting a massage parlor. Massage is a very effective procedure in the treatment of hernia, because it will help:

get rid of pain;
“Revive” muscles and restore limb mobility;
eliminate voltage.

Is massage effective for spinal hernia?

You will feel the changes after the first session. This will happen for several reasons. First, when working on the spine, the master will create a little pressure on the intervertebral disc. This pressure is enough to relieve tension from the nerve roots.

Secondly, massage will relieve you of muscle spasms, which create pain. You will feel relief in the back and your condition will immediately improve.

The third reason is the effect of regular procedures. If you regularly visit a massage parlor, it will keep your muscles toned and improve blood flow.

If you decide to visit a massage hen to get rid of a spinal hernia, you should only turn to qualified professionals. The masseur must determine the intensity of the sessions and how many visits will be required to achieve the desired result.