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Why is it important to do a facial massage?


With today’s fast-paced beauty industry, every woman can become confused about what treatments she is offered and what she should actually attend. This situation is quite common, because women of all ages want to look their best, which is an incentive for scientists to invent new procedures.

The most popular and effective are facial treatments. These include facials and various spa treatments for the face.

Where does the technique of facial massage come from

The history of the origin of facial massage technique began in ancient times as a method of treatment in folk medicine. The most popular facial massage was in the countries of the Ancient East.

It is known that the ancient Egyptian rulers used it to maintain the youth of the skin. Avicenna, an ancient Arab physician and healer, first scientifically substantiated the benefits of facial massage.

This procedure was popular in European countries, especially in ancient Greece, where it was promoted by Hippocrates and Herodicos. Not the last role in the development of massage in the early nineteenth century was played by Peter Henry Ling. He founded the Swedish system of massage and gymnastics.

Today, facial massage is an almost mandatory beauty procedure in every beauty salon.

How is the process of caring for facial skin

Facial care is very important in our lives, because it is like a business card of a person who creates the first impression. But in order to maintain a beautiful, young skin, it needs constant care. A standard spa treatment with massages and masks will help.

Before facial massage, you need to prepare the skin. First, the master must clean the face of make-up and steam the skin with a hot towel to open the pores. Then gently apply a nourishing cream or oil to make it easier to massage and avoid wrinkles.

To consolidate the result, use nourishing face masks depending on the skin type. The mask moisturizes, fills the skin with nutrients, tones. Also, beauty salons provide a list of other skin care procedures: lifting, vacuum therapy, laser therapy, photorejuvenation, darsonvalization and many others.

What to remember

It is known that massage helps to get rid of many diseases. Facial massage is no exception. It eliminates skin problems, smoothes complex facial wrinkles, removes traces of acne and hated by all the second chin, increases skin turgor, returns the face to its natural color.

But as with every procedure, there are prohibitions. For example, you should not do massage if the activity of the facial nerve is disturbed, there are fungal skin diseases, herpes or eczema. Facial massage is also contraindicated in oncology, acute diseases of the cardiovascular system, hemophilia, as well as in acute viral infections.

If you want to always look young and energetic, then visit the facial massage, spa or just make a nice loved one with a gift certificate for a massage. The result will be truly “on the face” and you will feel its healing effect. The skin will shine with freshness, preserve your youth and give you confidence in your appearance for every day.