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Why is it important to go to the hammam?


The hammam procedure is very popular in any spa in any city in the world. Although it is an Eastern tradition, hammams are also common in other parts of the world.

A visit to the hammam includes several mandatory procedures to prepare for. The first of them is a thorough warm-up of the body. This is necessary so that the skin gets used to the high humidity of the temperature during the hammam, and the skin pores open.

When you are completely warmed up, the next procedure is a very relaxing massage, the feature of which is a manual peeling. Massage is performed with special gloves and handmade soap. The foam of this soap cleanses and enriches the skin with nutrients. Usually this soap is made from natural substances, adding argan oil and olives, as well as eucalyptus extract.

After massages and peeling make wraps with oils, sea salt, honey and other natural substances. After all the procedures, you should rinse yourself with cold or cool water to close the pores of the skin. Also important is the rest room, where you are sent after all the procedures. There you can drink soothing tea, water or juice. It is worth noting that after the hammam you need to drink plenty of fluids to restore the body’s water balance.

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In the modern spa world, there are many types of hammam, but the most common are Turkish and Moroccan. They are very similar in their technique, but there are some differences. Moroccan hammam, like Turkish, includes scrubbing with black soap and peeling, but its feature is wrapping the brine with clay. The brine clay is of volcanic origin and absorbs the skin well, cleanses and moisturizes it.

Turkish bath has the most gentle steam temperature (30-55 C). Therefore, it can be visited by almost everyone who does not have very serious diseases. Also, people who do not tolerate high temperatures can safely go to the hammam in Kiev.

You can appreciate the useful properties of oriental baths only by visiting one of them. The ancient Oriental physician Avicenna recommended to his patients hammams as a cure for many diseases, because oriental baths:

Free the body from harmful substances and toxins;
Relieve fatigue;
Normalize the lungs and esophagus;
Help get rid of bronchitis, sinusitis, colds;
Prevents rheumatism, cardiovascular disease;
Relieve stress and depression;
Normalize sleep.
Also, after visiting the hammam, the mood improves, there is a feeling of lightness and mental balance.

But there are some cases when the hammam is contraindicated:

severe heart disease, thyroid disease;
high blood pressure;
renal failure;
varicose veins.
With our crazy rhythm of life, sometimes you want to dedicate at least a few hours to relax, think, immerse yourself in memories, forget about the hustle and bustle of life. A session of the oriental bath will give such feelings. If you want to feel cheerful, energetic, feminine and a real beauty of oriental fairy tales, then visit the hammam and feel the power of ancient traditions.

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