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All about yoga massage and who is it suitable for


The positive influence of yoga undoubtedly has a great effect on both the physical and the spiritual state of a person. Yoga massage helps to relieve any muscle pain, make your body more flexible and restore mental balance. There are a lot of fans of both yoga and massage all over the world. And the combination of these two practices helps not only to find peace, but also to cure a number of diseases.

Who is recommended to attend yoga massage sessions?

  1. People working in a sedentary office job.
  2. Those who move a little.
  3. In the case of constant driving.
  4. People with frequent headaches and migraines.
  5. If you are concerned about back and joint pain.
  6. For the prevention of diseases and strengthening the immune system.

The effect after a massage with elements of yoga is extremely noticeable, after the first session you will feel lightness in your body, you will receive a strong influx of strength, you will feel better not only physically, but also emotionally.

Those for whom yoga massage is contraindicated

Yoga massage is undeniably ideal for people who want to get themselves in excellent physical and spiritual condition. But for some people, it is better to refuse this type of massage, so as not to bring even more harm to their health:

  • if you have inflammation of the skin;
  • in case of influenza and other respiratory diseases;
  • various kinds of injuries: fractures, sprains, bruises;
  • chronic diseases in an aggravated state;
  • the postpartum period (about two months);
  • oncology;
  • postoperative period.

In any case, before visiting the salon, be sure to contact your doctor so that he can advise you and tell you whether to go for a yoga massage.

How often should you attend your sessions?

For each person individually, but experienced masters consider two options for how you can attend yoga body massage:

  1. A full course from 5 to 20 sessions (the duration and number of sessions are selected individually for the client). The break should be no more than three days. After completing the course, you should rest for about six months and then start the massage again.
  2. Visiting the salon all year round, if you go with the regularity that is comfortable for you (about 1-2 times a week).

The time of each session is also developed individually, on average it is an hour and a half. If the master has been working with you for longer, it means that he will carefully work out all problem areas so that your body relaxes and gets the necessary relaxation from yoga massage.

Yoga massage at “Lakshmi Spa”

Much depends on the salon in which you plan to undergo a massage course. It all depends on the skill of the massage therapist and on the surrounding atmosphere. In our salon we offer a massage similar to yoga, this is a Thai massage.

Calm music, pleasant smell, light twilight, yoga massage, the benefits of which are unexaggerated, and skillful hands of the master – all this will leave behind vivid impressions and release from all clamps.