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Marma massage


Marma massage is the oldest method of treatment and recovery in Ayurveda, the essence of which is to influence the energy points of a person. Perhaps it has remained unchanged in the modern world. Marma therapy means not only marma massage, but also the selection of essential oils and herbal infusions, relying on the knowledge of the three doshas, ​​where one of them is always predominant. Marma is the bioenergy center, or prana.

The technique of soft and precise impact on bioenergetic points was still available to the warriors and kings of India. Influence on the points of concentration of vital energy can not only improve a person’s condition, but also restore strength, and contribute to a speedy recovery. There are 107 marmas on the human body, which are scattered throughout the body. The last, 108 marma, is the mind.

In marma therapy, the appearance of diseases is associated with blocking the normal flow of pranas in the body, therefore, the restoration of the normal flow of energy is carried out using massage techniques, herbs and oils. The bioenergy points are close to the skin and the prana flows through the channels. Marma massage is an effective means of restoring the normal functioning of different body systems at the same time.

Benefits of marma massage

Marma massage is regarded as an effective therapy for the treatment of various diseases. The effect of such treatment will be more noticeable if you simultaneously drink herbal tinctures and rub the body with a set of essential oils that are selected individually for the doshas.

The technique of marma massage can vary depending on the general condition of a person, his age, and especially diseases, therefore each session of marma massage is selected individually for the person.

  • An ancient massage technique involving the effects on marmas helps to improve digestion.
  • This massage will speed up the elimination of toxins from the body.
  • It is indicated for people who fix joint pains, or find a pinched nerve.
  • Marma massage of the face, like other parts of the body, is an effective way of rejuvenation.
  • And, perhaps, this is a quick way to eliminate the imbalance of doshas.

The effect on marma is carried out with the help of essential oils. Vegetable oils can also be used. They are applied in a circular motion with the thumb in a clockwise direction. In Ayurveda, marma massage is used to treat diseases of the back and posture, lungs, head and other diseases.

Several techniques of marma massage differ. Sukha tirumma is needed to strengthen the immune system, while the raksha technique is designed to speed up the treatment of various diseases. There is also the kacha tirumma technique, the appearance of which is aimed at improving flexibility. When exposed to points of vital energy that are in an imbalance, pain may appear.

A specialist in marma massage will not only provide a high-quality massage. It is the responsibility of the massage therapist to accurately determine the dominant dosha, or doshas, ​​so that the effect of this method of therapy is more noticeable.


It is better to postpone the appointment for a marma massage if you have a runny nose, cough, acute diseases, cancer, fever, digestive problems. You can not do marma massage and pregnant women. Despite the fact that marma massage is not a universal method of treatment, and does not cure all diseases, it can significantly improve health and restore vitality, remove chronic pain and signs of stress.