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Pain after massage. Everything you need to know


Very often, the pain after the massage becomes a complaint of the clients of the salon. Usually painful sensations appear in the neck or lower back. To understand why this happens, let’s take a closer look at the types of massage provided in our salon.

  • Neck massage. Most people find that massage, also in the neck area, is a pleasant process. They are very much mistaken. If the client leads a sedentary or sedentary lifestyle, the neck and spine are most affected. The muscles are in constant tension and swell. Because of this, after the massage, pain may appear. There are also a large number of active points in the cervical region. They are associated with the work of other organs and during the procedure, the masseur may touch some of them. From this there is a slight dyspnea, which disappears over several days.
  • Back massage. The back is the main body part where the massage takes place. Consequently, the mechanism of muscle behavior is much more complicated. The fact is that during the procedure, the muscle corset receives the same tension as when training in the gym. In the first session, as a rule, the back is very tense and the muscles are clogged. Therefore, from kneading and mechanical action of the masseur, slight pain may be felt the next day.
  • Anticellulite massage. Anti-cellulite massage bruises and pain are common side effects after the procedure. But you must be prepared for this, since such a result is quite natural. If the procedure is performed correctly with a clean technique, then the muscles should be physically stimulated, from which pain will appear the next day.

Reasons why you feel pain after massage

  • Sedentary lifestyle. Muscle pain after massage may appear from the fact that they are atrophied due to lack of physical activity.
  • Overly active lifestyle. If a person performs regular intense physical activity, for example, devotes a lot of time to strength training in the gym, then his muscles become clogged. In this case, the masseur will make efforts to remove this congestion, after which pain in the body will be felt after the massage.
  • Low pain threshold. This feature of the human body can cause pain after the session.

How to relieve pain?

In the case when you do not have any contraindications, you can use various anti-inflammatory creams, gels and ointments. If the pain after a back massage is expressed only by uncomfortable sensations, the following measures can be taken:

  • Warm up before starting the procedure. You can stretch your muscles before a massage with a light workout. In this case, special attention should be paid to those zones in which the procedure will take place.
  • Maintaining water balance. Water quickly removes toxins from the body and gives the muscles flexibility, which allows you not to experience discomfort and pain after the massage.
  • Relaxing baths. Warm sea salt baths can help relax muscles and relieve pain. In addition, essential oils can be added to the water, which have a relaxing and analgesic effect.

Note that during the procedure, your body should be as relaxed as possible. Any tension or spasm can lead to back pain after the massage.