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Relaxing massage for those who feel tired


In today’s world, many people feel tired because of a hard day at work, problems in their personal life, and even because of bad weather outside the window. At such moments, many are interested in how to relax and unwind, if the vacation is far away, and the nerves are at the limit. The ideal solution would be a relaxing massage, which helps relieve fatigue, reloads the head and makes it possible to forget about the fuss.

Massage feature

Relaxing massage technique involves deep and slow pressure on the neck, arms and legs to help calm and relax the entire body.

  1. The specialist can perform massage both by pressing the hands and using a special object. Each pressing, rubbing, and twisting is done very carefully and slowly to relax every muscle and induce a kind of trance.
  2. The sequence of movements in this technique is optional.
  3. Often, a special oil is used that smells good and even has a healing effect.
  4. The massage time is from 20 to 60 minutes, the master allocates the time in such a way as to help you both relax and bring pleasure after a hard day at work.

Massage technique to relieve fatigue

To perfectly relax the client, the specialist uses acupressure and Thai massage. The therapist knows how to relax if the client is nervous and what to do so that after the session all bad thoughts disappear from the head.

  1. It all starts with stroking, which heats up the skin. In this way, she is prepared for stronger movements.
  2. After stroking, the skin begins to rub, with stronger pressure, which at the same time does not cause uncomfortable sensations.
  3. The master begins to pinch the skin, but does it with low intensity and with just the pads of the fingers.
  4. With the help of the palm, vibration begins to be carried out, which rhythmically passes through the entire body.
  5. The final touch is kneading the skin with light movements to warm the body and release any remaining muscle clamps.

Who should give up a relaxing massage?

And even if this type of massage has a good effect on physical and emotional health, there is a group of people who are best off not attending massage sessions so as not to harm themselves. Avoid relaxing massage if you have:

  • acute respiratory infections accompanied by high fever;
  • various skin inflammations: cuts, abrasions, burns, purulent wounds;
  • have an allergy;
  • recently there was an operation and there were postoperative stitches;
  • oncology;
  • varicose veins;
  • first trimester of pregnancy.

Where in Kiev can you relax after a working day?

You already know how to relax and calm down, but where to do it so as not to harm yourself and feel relaxation in every part of the body? Our “Lakshmi Spa” will help you with this, the specialists of which will be happy to help you relax and find a way to relax you.
We do our best to ensure that the atmosphere in the salon is calm, and your mood and emotional health rises several steps higher.